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It is my absolute pleasure to hold space for you,
your energy, and your light.


Light Body Integration

This session is specifically designed to awaken your light, inspire your intuition and activate the truth of who you are.
Each session is different based on your unique energy.

Invest in a Session
Invest in the Six Session Bundle

After investment is received, I will email you as soon as possible to schedule your session. Sessions are done over the phone.

Energetic Recalibration

This session is designed to recalibrate your energetic field so all lower vibrations fall away and leave you left with more space for light to enter.

Request an Energetic Recalibration

After payment is received, I will hold space for your recalibration as soon as possible. After the Energetic Recalibration, I’ll send an email with the areas of focus and any messages that came up. This session is NOT interactive.


Channeled Messages

This experience allows for me to tap into higher dimensional frequencies and deliver the messages you need to know. These messages offer guidance, clarity, support, inspiration and advice from the higher dimensions. Messages are typed and sent via email. You may ask up to three questions.

Request a Channeled Message

After you process payment, please send your question(s) to channeledinspirations@gmail.com and I will reply as soon as possible.

If you would like to book an in-person session or service with me –
please email channeledinspirations@gmail.com to discuss further.

Spiritual Services Offered include but are not limited to:
Energy Work, Spiritual Counseling, Oracle Readings, Intuitive Guidance, Sacred Ceremonies,
Sacred Space Creation, Space Clearing, Guided Meditation