Energy healing channels the universal chi (qi), or energy, through one being and into another. Being an energy healer does not mean that the individual is doing the healing. It simply means the energy healer is the CONDUIT for the healing, allowing the universal healing light to flow through them into the client.

There are a few energy healing modalities. The two that I work with are Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy. Although they are similar to each other in the process, procedure, benefit and healing received, they are also very different. They can be combined, or done separately. Either way, the healing received is incredible!

Reiki channels the emerald ray of light. This light is very healing and can be used for treating the energetic causes to physical symptoms in the body. That’s not to say that Reiki can not work on the emotional wounds as well, but I believe it’s main focus is to help heal the energetic causes to physical illness, or dis-ease. Receiving Reiki treatments helps to bring the body back into balance, creating an ease within one’s self.

On a personal note, Reiki has helped relieve me of my anxiety! The practice of coming back to balance has been SO beneficial during times of stress and worry. Reiki has an extreme calming effect on those who are open to receive it.

Integrated Energy Therapy channels the violet ray of light. This light resonates to the Angelic Realm and works directly with Archangels to help heal. Integrated Energy Therapy, or IET, gets “the issues out of the tissues.” This modality focuses more on emotional issues caused by energetic blockages. It releases negative thoughts and emotions, while imprinting positive ones. Integrated Energy Therapy helps to alleviate, and release limiting beliefs that hold one back from their full potential.

Again, I’ll add a personal note that IET has helped me release the stories of the past I used to tell myself that kept me small. Through IET healing sessions, I have made so much forward movement within my life and my purpose.

I always like to note that neither modality is better than the other, they’re just different. I typically use them together in my sessions to bring physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance to everybody that gets on my table. If this interests you, schedule your session today!