What is Space Clearing?
Our spaces have an energy all of their own. Space clearings allow this energy to be cleansed and purified so it may return to it’s highest vibration. When I clear a space- I first burn sage to release any lower vibrations. I follow up with some sound to help the energy move which can be done using tingsha bells, tibetan singing bowls, or even drums. I then use Reiki energy combined with Essential Oils and finish by burning Palo Santo to continue to clear the space while welcoming in higher vibrations.
Please note that not all spaces are the same and this ritual can be individualized to meet specific needs.
Why do I need a Space Clearing?
Most often spaces are cleaned only on the surface, and not energetically cleansed. This means that many spaces are filled with left over energy of the people and emotions that once filled them. The space you spend a majority of your time in impacts your life in large ways effecting not only your mood and energy, but your overall well being. When your space is not energetically sound, this can have many negative results in our lives. Stagnant energy that has nowhere to go can create blockages throughout your life. Space clearings allow these types of energy and blockages to be moved and released, so it can flow easily once again. When spaces are cleansed and cleared, it creates a flow of energy and an ultimate feeling of ease.
When should I have a Space Clearing?
Some of the most common times people desire a space clearing is if they’re first moving into a space, if they’ve just experienced traumatic events in a space of theirs, or if they’re going through a break up with previous live-in partner. However those are not the only times space clearings can be beneficial. Clearing your space regularly can result in leading an easier life.
Where can a Space Clearing be done?
Space Clearings can be done in any space! The most common spaces that need to be cleansed are homes, work places/offices, and cars. No coincidence that these are the places where we spend the most of our time!

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