“I love Lisa’s healings because they are powerful and life affirming! Her voice is calming and her healing energy is beautiful!” – Donna D
“Lisa is so gifted, not just an intuitive Angel Card Reader but as a healer in general. I have also received two IET sessions and felt such love and light from the Angels and Ascended Masters. I literally felt like I was floating within the first five minutes of both sessions and the heaviness lifted from my body. My chakras definitely needed that clearing and alignment!” – Cathy
“Every time I receive a healing session from you, it is better and better!” – Jessica
“Lisa’s readings are insightful and spot on! She is very clear and tuned in, and has the ability to give guidance and direction toward a peaceful, productive outcome.” – Donna D
“You are very connected and it is clear that you have a very special relationship with Spirit. Thank you so much for doing this work, for reading for me, and for helping and touching so many lives. You will and already so such amazing work, and the world is a better place because you are in it! Thank you so very much again. This was a wonderful experience.” – Rhea
“This reading was beyond what I was expecting. You are so beautifully in touch and the healing received from your reading is something I’m so very grateful for. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Brittany
“Thank you so much! This reading was absolutely amazing, beautiful, insightful and helpful. I am so grateful! Thanks again!” – Alex
“Lisa has been mentoring me through my reiki journey for a couple months. She is amazing at answering any questions I have and suggesting things to improve my craft. When she does perform reiki on me I feel much lighter. She also takes the time to sit with you after the session to tell you what she found and some other things you may be able to do to continue to improve yourself. She really is an amazing person. I’m so grateful to have her teaching me what she knows.” – Jillian
“Lisa is an incredible healer with spot on intuition. I love my sessions with her and always feel so amazing afterwards!” – Marci
“I had an Oracle reading by Lisa and my reading was so on point and everything she told me was exactly what I was going through and she also gave me insight on what is needed for me to grow even more. It literally was the best reading I have ever had! I recommend her and can’t wait for the next one!” – Donna Amber