Is There a Difference Between Angel Cards and Tarot Cards?


In short, the answer is no. All Angel and Tarot (even Oracle) cards are divination tools. They are all an aid to receiving divine messages from Spirit. Using a certain type of deck will not determine the type of messages received. No one type of deck is better than the other and none of them are “bad”. However, I have had different experiences using different decks-

In my experience, I find Angel cards to have a higher vibration than any other deck. I feel all messages that come using this deck are given with the highest regard and intention. Angel cards are a direct connection to the Angelic realm for me.

Oracle cards and Tarot cards are similar, in my opinion, in the way that these decks seem to have a way of “keeping it real”. The messages delivered using these decks seem to always end up EXACTLY what needed to be heard; direct and to the point.

I’m a fan of multiple deck readings, so I tend to use all different types of decks in a reading.

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