What is Energy Healing?
Energy healing channels the universal chi (qi), or energy, through one being and into another. Being an energy healer does not mean that the individual is doing the healing. It simply means the energy healer is the CONDUIT for the healing, allowing the universal healing light to flow through them into the client.
I use both Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy together in a session. The combination of these modalities facilitates a quicker, more intense and incredible healing on all levels.
Why do I need Energy Healing?
Just as we take care of our physical and mental health, we must also take care of our energetic health. Our energetic bodies often take on the energetic debris of the environment around us. Everything is energy! This means people, places, and events all have an energy of their own. Through out our daily lives we are collecting the energy of the world around us and if left alone, this can create blockages in our own energy fields. Energy healings can be looked at as a shower for your energy body. During an energy healing session, your field will be washed of the energetic debris that is stuck to you. This will leave you feeling more clear and certain about your life.
What are the benefits of Energy Healing?
Energy healing sessions have great benefit on you and your life. They help to alleviate stress, bringing you peace of mind and into a state of relaxation. During a session, the energy held of anger and/or resentment is often released, bringing forgiveness and happiness into your life on a grand scale. Energy healing helps to open your heart so you may lead with love throughout your life. You may find that you are more understanding of others, and not so quick to jump to low vibration emotions such as anger, judgement, and/or fear. Energy healing sessions help bring your energetic body into complete alignment resulting in a life of ease. They will help you regain your personal power and sense of self, leaving you to feel assured and confident. Overall, energy healing sessions done on a regular basis can bring about the ultimate shift in your life, making your life easier and happier than it was before.

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