Have you heard about these 1:1 intensive sessions yet?!
intensive 1_1 session

E X T R E M E L Y  P O W E R F U L  !

In these 90 minute intensive sessions, you get to discuss whatever it is that’s coming up for you.

What are you stressed about?
What’s annoying you?
What are you sick of?

The first half of our session is a spiritual therapy session.

I offer guidance on how to shift your mindset, and reframe your current reality so you can come out of the lower vibrational thought patterns that have you caged into an unhappy, stressful life.

After that, we go into deep healing energy work to remove all dense energies from your field. As a master of energy, I move the lower vibrations from your energy body and replace them with the high frequency energy of pure light.

When the session is complete, you will feel absolutely washed in light and liberated. You will be empowered and energetically aligned as the Creator of your reality.

intensive 1_1 session

So far, these sessions have been incredible!

– We’ve had ArchAngel Michael step forward to empower and cut cords of attachment to people and habits that no longer serve.

– We’ve had the entire ArchAngel Realm come forth to assist in integrating the inner child aspect that had been forgotten.

– We’ve had past versions of self come for integration and acceptance as we move forward into our passion and purpose.

(I say we for two reasons… 1- anonymity and 2- as I hold space, I take part in the experience as well. It is a co-creation of incredible healing and elevation between you, I, and the Universe.)

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