Do you feel stuck? Blocked? Frustrated?
Are people getting under your skin? Are you finding yourself easily irritated?
Do you feel anxious and uneasy?

You Need an Energetic Recalibration

We are energetic beings, having a human experience.
The world around us is comprised of energy. Everything we experience, touch, see, and do holds an energetic charge.

It is incredibly important to maintain our own energetic hygiene in order to remain aligned, clear and at ease through our lives.

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In an Energetic Recalibration, I re-align and re-calibrate your entire energetic field. I allow space for lower vibrations, and stagnant energy to be released, while creating room for more light to enter.

This session is done remote- all you need to do is set the intention to receive.
After I am done sending energy + holding space for recalibration, I will let you know what areas of focus came up within your energetic field and any messages that were delivered for you.

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