What To Do When You Live With Someone Who Disrupts Your Peace

What to do when you live with someone who disturbs your peace… This is a questions that I come across often. So many of us are affected by those we cohabitate with. And often many people choose to remain the victim of their living situation. However, that is not the most empowering or high vibrationalContinue reading “What To Do When You Live With Someone Who Disrupts Your Peace”

Self Care Isn’t Selfish

Have you ever forgotten about yourself? I’m sure you have. You might not even realize it. It happens so quickly. You’re going about your life- work, chores, responsibilities, relationships, etc. All of a sudden you realize you’re no longer in the mix. Through taking care of it all.. doing what you feel you SHOULD do..Continue reading “Self Care Isn’t Selfish”

Express Yourself

It’s so important we let all of ourself be expressed We are multifaceted human beings Infinite energy having a human experience It’s impossible for us to define ourselves in only one way – There are so many sides of me! There’s the fun loving, bra burning, hippie who BELONGS at Woodstock There’s the spiritual priestessContinue reading “Express Yourself”