Think about this…

What brings you P E A C E ?

In a world that can seem so chaotic, how can you find your peace?

When the external feels out of control, how do you turn within?

In a world full of busy and hustle, how can you slow down and find stillness?

What can you do today that brings you peace?


Recently I had a big realization.

My purpose is peace.

It’s been right in front of me the whole time but I’ve been so busy looking at all the details of HOW that I missed the bigger picture.

Everything I do is filled with peaceful energy.

I have found my way from a life of absolute chaos into a life of peace. I created this for myself.. but it wasn’t always this way.

I came from a childhood where you never knew what to expect, when the next fight would break out, or why there was so much tension.. but you sure felt it.

As I grew up, I re-created this pattern over and over again. I partied. I got in trouble. I rebelled. Because what I knew was chaos.

Until I realized that that wasn’t the life I wanted to be living. Deep down my soul craved peace.

And now, I find myself at peace within my life.

I hold sacred space for you, your light, and your energy to come to a place of peace.

I create sacred spaces that make you feel peaceful when you’re in them.

I listen to music that brings peace and calm.

Everything I do and everything I create is filled with peace.

So I ask you… how can you find some peace today? ✌🏼💙


How are you making space in your life?

What are you getting rid of- physically, emotionally, mentally?

What belongings can you donate?

What thoughts and beliefs can you let go of?

What practices can you release to make space?

We must create space for our dreams and desires to grow. If we continually hold on to the old.. there’s no room for the new. It is safe to let go!




xo 💙

Choose How You Feel

You control how you feel –

You set the standard for where you vibe

You are solely responsible for your energy


This morning I woke up anxious and stressed. I woke up a little later than I desired. I immediately started stressing over silly things. Silly, because stressing about them wasn’t going to create any change in them. So I decided to SHIFT.

I made my coffee. Put on some high vibe podcasts (shout out @xoamandafrances & @marissalace), took some deep breaths and handled things one step at a time.

Now I’m sitting outside the Pilates studio I arrived to a few minutes early; listening to music and breathing deeply. I’m setting the intention that this class will allow any lower vibrations, like stress and anxiety, to easily leave my physical and energy bodies.

Don’t settle for how you feel.





xoxo. Love. Light. Lisa. 💙


A Manifestors Creed •

Get out there and live your life

Stop waiting for an invitation from others

Start taking action on your desires

Do not allow your circumstances to define you

You get to make shit happen

So create something new



Be in joy in all that you do

If you’re not feeling bliss


You can initiate

You can create

So go on and create bliss

Stop waiting on others

And start taking action

It’s what you’re here to do




xoxo. Love. Light. Lisa.

Step into your Shadow…

Step into your shadow with the eyes of light and see it for what it truly is.

Your shadow is an aspect of self crying to be loved.

Once you are able to sit with your shadow and love it, you will be freed from the grips of “the dark”.

You will move freely into the light, liberating you to be more self.

The shadow keeps you hidden, and you can not be whole until you are brought fully to the light.

Shadow is only light dimmed and kept small.

Step into your shadow, knowing you are the light needed to free it.

It is you, freeing you, by loving you.

Heaven & Earth

Allow yourself to fly

Touch the sky

Heaven and Earth

A new life gives birth

Let go of the fear

That keeps you here

Spread your wings

With joy you sing

Free at last

Let go of the past

Create something new

Aligned and true

Be who you are

You can travel so far

When you unlock the cage

Unleash the mage

Magical touch so tender

Reality bender

Creator of life anew

I speak to you

Uncuff yourSelf

From the thoughts of fear

You create your world

Live fully here