Advanced IET.

Today I completed my advanced level IET certification. The attunement was extra powerful and the healing was deep. I feel so connected to source, it’s unbelievable. The magnitude of soul star clearing is crazy. A quick 20 minute session brought in so much clarity.
“It is Archangel Ariel. The angel of IET. You have been connected to me since you started but today’s attunement let you hear me – Think of things that make you happy and raise your vibration. Then do those things. Think of people that make you happy and raise your vibrations. Then spend time with those people. If it doesn’t make you happy and raise your vibration, let it go. Tune in. Your body will speak to you. That’s how you read energy. Through your body and your perception. Tune in. Listen. Interpret. Say it. Live it. Lessons. Listen.”


Everybody is always asking for a sign, but is anybody actually paying attention to them when they come? Spirit talks to us in many different ways. They use what we know to relay messages. Ever get a song stuck in your head out of no where? Or think of a person spontaneously? These are ways spirit communicates. I’ll share a story of eye opening synchronicity of my own –

This past week I started my angel card certification class. In the first class I pulled a total of four cards. The first pull I did was a one card pull – Spirit Animal. To me this was a reminder to get out into nature and observe the animals. They communicate without using words. I feel I should watch them and connect to that. The less you rely on words, the more you rely on instinct and intuition. The third pull was a three card pull – The Miracle of Nature, New Beginnings and Spirit Animal. Interesting how Spirit Animal came up again.. There’s no coincidences! This for me meant that if I get out into nature, connect with the animals, as well as my own inner animal, that a new page would be turned. After class I headed home, it was about 11pm when I was walking towards my door. Out of nowhere a butterfly flies in front of my face, through the backyard, and up and away. It was bright and vibrant.. Filled with blue, orange and brown colors. There’s no denying this was spirit. What are the chances a bright butterfly flies by at night?! Butterflies are the symbolisation of change and transformation.

It’s time to wake up, pay attention to the world around us. And pay close attention to the ways spirit uses our world to talk to us. This is a message for the world and the time to give it is now. Be aware, keep your eyes open. All that happens is a message from spirit that only you can interpret for yourself. It means something different to every person, that’s why we all walk different paths. Don’t just ask for a sign… Ask for a sign and be open to receiving it, in any and all ways it wants to be given.

I’ll leave you with that today.

Love Always & Namaste.


Everybody goes through times where they feel more connected than others. When you have trouble connecting, take some time to think. Take some time to appreciate yourself. In my experience, when I have the hardest time connecting, it is when I don’t feel worthy. It’s when I am not honoring myself. When I’m not in love with the decisions I’ve been making. How can one truly love themselves if they don’t love every decision and action they make. The reason why it gets so hard to connect, is because you don’t want to face the truth. Spirit will always be there to show you love, but also to show you truth. When ego get in the way, we don’t want to face the truth. If you can push ego aside, and remember that we are all one. Every experience, whether it be good or bad, carries a lesson for you. When you remember that, you can let ego go. Once ego is released, spirit is there.

Find and honor your individual connection to spirit and remember that it is ALWAYS there for you. Always.


Thank you Angels for being with me. Thank you for the love and light you share with me. I am forever grateful for all that you share. Thank you.

I am you. You are me. We are one. All is good.

Written 08/10/2016

Dear Lisa,

You felt the love. You are the love. It is always within you. Don’t you dare forget. Always extend the love. Even when you may not feel others are worthy. Remember, we are all worthy. You are not to judge. It is not up to you why or how someone goes through something. let them feel as they wish. It is up to you how you react to others. It is up to you the attitude and vibration that you exude.
Remember – It is all love. Always love. Just love. Be love.

With Love,
Archangel Ariel ❤


08/31/16 @ 7:20pm

Dear World,

It is up to us to change each other. You know those people that irk you? The ones that just always seem to grind your gears? Instead of getting mad at them and projecting hate into the world. Let’s all take some time to look inside. Think about it… Why are you so bothered by them? What does it bring it up within you that you don’t want to look at or deal with? That is the key to growing. That is the key to healing. Use all interactions as experiences and opportunities to better yourself. You can learn from every person on this planet, as everyone has walked a different path. Everybody has a different perspective. Everybody has their own purpose. Take time to see what you can learn from the people that come in and out of your life. Especially the ones that you don’t seem to want to encounter. Those people will teach you the best lessons. All you have to do is be open to it. Always look for the bright side, the silver lining or the lesson.. For there always is one.

Live well. Live free.


Thank you Angels for being with me today. Thank you for walking with me on my path of ascension. The abundance of your love is felt. Breathing deep, filling my body with your light. I feel complete. I am at home. My spirit soars high. Up into the cosmos. The everlasting love. Flying high above, connecting with source. Hear the loving words of appreciation. For your spirit is unique and without it the world would never be the same. You are made in the divine image. You are you and never apologize for that.. for to do so is dishonoring your creator. You are God’s child and everything you are is perfect. Stay with yourself and honor yourself. You are pure. You are love. You are light.

I am you. You are me. We are one. All is good. Amen.

Written on 8/16/16

To us all,
What you need to hear and say and what you actually hear and say are always divinely guided. Trust that. All you have to do is show up. It takes a lot of effort to show up. It requires finding time, space and quiet. But when you do. The results are magical. The words and healing we are capable of bringing to the world are astounding. Follow your call to this. Follow you instincts. We are here to help you do this work. All you have to do is show up. Trust and believe that we will help you with the rest.
When you meditate you are opening yourself up. The more open you are, the easier it is that the words will flow. The wider and more open your crown chakra is, the easier it will be for us to plant ideas, words, thoughts and emotions that you need to hear, feel and say. We will always guide you, but when you put in the work it makes it easier for us. Help us help you. We want to more than you know.
Just as this work brings you joy. It brings us the same joy and happiness. We are here to help and guide but can only do so with your permission and assistance. By you doing this work, you are helping to make the world a better, brighter and lighter place.
The world needs your lights, so let them shine bright!
With love,
The Angels ❤

A new beginning.

Over the past few months I’ve worked on my connection to spirit, as well as my connection to myself using automatic writing. I still have far to go but the love and healing I’ve received through the writings I’ve gotten has been incredible. I believe it is now time to share some of the messages I receive. Everybody could use a little extra love, light and inspiration in their lives, right? I hope through my sharing I can inspire, awaken and encourage others to trust the messages they too receive.

“Oh God, as we open the door to communication, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, the great I AM presence of the universe. For we give thanks, for we know, that the words spoken are filled with your LOVE, TRUTH, WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING of the highest. Amen.” – Rev. Elaine D. Thomas