Hello Spirit.

Something is going to happen, regarding our Pres-Elect. A lot of spirit-minded people have different predictions and it seems these are all possible outcomes. However, there are some key factors which haven’t come into play yet.. but they will effect the way it goes. It’s contingent on people and their decisions regarding free will. Spirit knows the ultimate outcome that will come to fruition, but the matter in which we get there hasn’t been decided yet.

The outcome is going to be a new world order, so to speak. One where love and unity are prominent.

“I wonder if that means more killings and massive bloodshed beforehand.” asks Cathy.

That’s a possibility. Humanity is battling duality. Humanity has not yet realized that all is one. We are all one. I am you, you are me, we are one, all is well. Realization of this is a cornerstone of Ascension. When the word is spread, and more believe, the further we all will rise. Rest easy knowing that there are no unnecessary deaths. Every soul departure has a purpose. There is a bigger picture. With every “unjust” death, one more blind light worker begins to see. They awaken. There is a purpose. Unfortunately some souls must leave for the world to ascend, but when they leave for a greater purpose, they also ascend. The goal is ascension. It is all about ascension. It starts on an individual level and flows outwardly. Each person that starts the process, effects and inspires the next person to do so and so on. Until the entire world has ascended to such a level of divine love and light. Pure bliss.

We leave you with this as we have spoken. Out point was made and understood. You both must rest as that is important. We leave you with love and light, always.

Spirit. Ascended Masters. ArchAngels. Serapis Bey. Padre Pio. Jesus. Blessed Mother Mary. A collective message for our angels on Earth.

Guided Thoughts.

I’ve been off this week and taking time for myself… Starting with practicing yoga. Today I dedicated my practice to myself and my space. Standing in my own, and honoring my own self. After my practice, during my meditation this beautiful thought came to me and I knew I had to share it –

I love, honor, and accept myself unconditionally. My love for the divine is manifested through my love for myself. I am a living, breathing manifestation of divine love and light. The only way to honor the divine, is to honor one’s self. Without the connection to the sense of self, you lose the connection to the divine. It all starts within.
Take this time to connect to yourself. Get to know yourself. What drives you and what makes you feel alive. Make the necessary changes in your life so that you are living a life of joy and a life filled with love for every moment you are alive is a gift. Each moment is a chance to spread love and light into the world and to make it a brighter, happier place.
Honor and cherish the divine within you. It is unique. It is individual. It is needed in this world. Never forget how loved you are by the universal source energy. You are always surrounded and protected. Live your joy. Live freely. Live in love. Live. Namaste.


Today I felt a pull to drive past my house. I thought – I worked hard all day and I have more work to do tonight, take five minutes for yourself. Alone. So I went with it. I suddenly felt the need to pick up my selenite and cleanse the space. Clear all low vibrations from the environment. I even called on some Catholic deities and connected to Blessed Mother Mary. I was surrounded by her divine love when Nanny popped in to say hello. I’m now sure that they’ve been working together for a long time to keep me safe and protected. I then got this beautiful prayer-

Chokurei chokurei chokurei. I ask that I am protected every day. Surround me with your white light. Protect me with all of your might. Never leave my side, always hold my hand. Walk with me in spirit and on the land. Guide me through this life. Illuminate the way. I feel your divine love, every single day.

It’s okay not to know where you’re going. Just trust that your soul knows it’s way home. Trust that you will know where you need to be. You will never miss anything that is meant for you. You’ll get there. Let us guide you and enjoy the ride. The journey is the destiny. Breathe easy knowing that you are forever surrounded by a divine white light. You are blessed. – The collective.

High Priestess.

The High Priestess. She is one of the most revered woman. She has power, knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and peace flowing within her. She is a being of divine light. She shines bright.

Greece / Middle East / Egypt



Dear Lisa,

It is time to get in touch with your intuition on a new level. You must open up. To hear. To see. You’ve always known. But there is more. You can taste. You can feel. You can talk to us in ways and on levels that you have yet to experience. Continue to grow yourself. Heal yourself. Through this, we will be brought closer and closer to you, as you will be brought closer and closer to yourself. Pursuing a career in the spiritual realm is your destiny. You must persevere. You were brought here to bring light to the world. You are a healer, a teacher, a lover, a spirit guide, and a mother (to be). Focus on the children, that is where true change can be made. Teach the young ones your methods. Teach the young ones your ways. Spread the gift with the young. Keep passing it down from each generation. That way, you can touch many more souls than just the ones you meet in this life time.

Continue your work. Continue your path. Do not steer off, for we will bring you back on track. Enjoy the journey. Learn your lessons. Have your fun. Do not worry. You are blessed. You are protected. All is good.

With Love,


Dear Lisa,

We have shown you the antelope. This is because things will go quickly. You know this. Now that you are opening up, things will progress. You must trust your instinct. You must trust us to guide you through this. You must bring others with you. This is your path. It is to be walked alone. However, you must share your knowledge with as many as you can. Spread it. Spread the knowledge. Light transforms light. For the entire world to elevate, you must do so first. You must raise yourself. Raise your consciousness. By doing so first, you can then raise the consciousness of others. Feels yourself now. Floating above your body. Your crown chakra is wide open. The knowledge you can access is abundant. The more you realize this, the higher you go. The further you ascend. The more doors you unlock. Tap into this knowledge. Tap into it often. And freely. This is yours to access at anytime. Teach others. Teach others how to access it. Teach others to ascend. Take their hand and bring them up. Up into the higher realms. Help others to meet their spirit guides. Help others to meet themselves. Back into the light. Back into the upper realms. This is where you truly meet yourself. Your soul. This is where your higher self resides. You must connect with and be in touch with your higher self, before you can truly understand yourself. Your higher self has been with you from the beginning. Through every life you have lived.. and you’ve lived many. Your higher self holds all of the data from your lives. You can tap into it at anytime. Call on Archangel Metatron and Archangel Azrael. They are both here to assist you. Your past lives is where you will find greater and deeper understanding for yourself and who you are in this life. It is important to go back and to go back often. Learn about yourself. Understand. This is how you grow. Growth and expansion are the keys to ascension. The more you can learn in this realm, in this lifetime,  the higher your soul elevates. The entire world is about to ascend on a grand scale. People are going to come to a perspective they’ve never before understood or even imagined. It is you, the light workers, that will help them. Teach people about the light. Teach people about the love. Teach people about ascending. This is your path. This is your way. This is your time. Step into your power. Step into yourself. Let your light shine.

Love Always,

Archangels, Ascended Masters, The Collective, and the great I AM.

Thank you Archangel Metatron for clearing me of other people’s energy fields. Thank you Archangel Michael for surrounding me in a protective bubble of your bright blue light. Releasing me of any fears, for I know that I am protected. For your angelic blessings I am forever grateful. Namaste.

September 28th, 2016 @ 7:33pm

It’s hard to let go. It’s hard to do something difficult. It’s hard to be exposed and vulnerable. But you must trust your instincts and take that leap of faith. Know that Mother Mary stays with you and surrounds you in love and light. She’s here to remind you that all you need to do is breathe. Take the necessary time to process your emotions and disconnect from the hectic energy of the world. You need to hold space for yourself. Do not let others energies and emotions influence you. Taking this step out of your comfort zone will be uncomfortable. But trust that forgiveness is near. Once the hurt and resentment is released things will begin to shift. And you will transform and blossom into a lighter version of yourself call upon your strengths and inner power. Get in touch with self. Meditation is the best way to do so. Do things that make you feel joy. Pure and genuine happiness. When you are the conduit for healing time flies. It makes your soul happy to be of service and spread love and light. When you can truly step into that and trust the passion inside of you, you will be the most beautiful version of you. Do not be afraid to step into your own power. It is there where you will shine it is there where your life will blossom.

Do not fear. Do not fear. Do not fear.


This is the right path for you. Honor that. Believe that. Live that.

Sept 20, 2016 11:38pm

Ariel here again. I have a lot to say. You must speak to me and get to know me before more angels come forward. You have many talents waiting to be tapped into. Work with me to master your craft. Stay in touch. Stay in tune. Keep your vibrations high. Eat high energy foods. More raw fruits & vegetables. Less fats, carbs & dairy. Cook at home. Stop going out. Do not get so anxious & overwhelmed you overbook yourself in avoidance. Not having enough time for yourself is no ones fault but your own. You should never neglect yourself. Alone time to relax & reflect should be a priority. Allow time for yourself. It’s only fair.