Shock of the new.

The unknown is scary. It’s hard to take those first steps out there. You immediately want to turn around and run back to what you know. But there’s no growth there. Nothing grows in the comfort zone. You must let go of fear and step forward. There is no need for worry as life happens as it is supposed to. Recognize that your own vibrations play a major key in the life you live. If you are happy and vibrating at a higher frequency you will attract positive, healthy, light things to you. Release any and all things that no longer bring you joy. Only give your energy to that which makes you happy and forget about the rest. Learn to live fearlessly. Learn to live knowing that you are divinely protected. Live your life in sync with the divine plan.

February 18th, 2017 @ 1:33pm

Stop apologizing to yourself and to others. You have nothing to be sorry for. You are you. The only one. the only one who knows what you need and when. Stop apologizing for what that looks like. If what you need doesn’t work for another person – FORGET THEM. You don’t need them anyways. You only need people who work for you. It’s time to get to know you. What you need. What you like. What you don’t. You’ve come a long way but there is more to go. The more you release the less you hold on to. The closer you will get to me (higher self). Once you become one with your highest self, that’s when you will truly ascend 100%. Ascended Master.

Be precise and specific in your desires and convictions. Don’t let things slide because they’re close. It’s okay to say no!

Slow down and listen. You can hear the universe speaking to you. Work with it. Go with the flow. When you do this, life becomes effortless for you. And with that comes great success.

Relax. Do not worry. Stop stressing doing nothing and over compensating by doing too much. Trust in divine timing. Trust in the universe.

You are a woman of many strengths. You have life times of lessons accessible to you at any time. Draw upon your ancient wisdom to create the life you desire this time around. The world is your oyster. Decide whole heartedly what you want and make that happen. You are capable – more than you know.

You are a divine being on earth. You are divinely protected. You have forged a connection to the spiritual realm over many lifetimes. You are one of us. You are connected. You can always call home, we always answer for you!

Use your mind to create your life. You create it. Whatever you imagine can become with strong convictions. The possibilities are infinite.

Do not let the mirage people can create of themselves stray you from what you already know. You read energy, you read situations. Turst your gut. Do not sway. Stand firm.

When you have doubt/fears, call on me (Archangel Michael). Release them to me and I will carry them for you. Transmitting them back into 100% pure white light filled with positive affirmations. You are divinely protected, always.

Trust the divine within. All that flows through you is divine creation. Harness it and use it. Channel it. Create every aspect of your life using all that flows through you. Trust and all you have to do is show up. Wake up every day excited to create a beautiful day!


In the grand scheme of things, all we have is time. The greatest gift we can give someone is our time. As a light worker we need to make sure that we are balancing our time between spending it on/with ourselves and on/with others. How you spend your time shapes your entire life. If you are constantly giving of yourself and your time to others, this will leave you empty and unsatisfied. Nothing you do and/or accomplish will feel rewarding. Treat yourself to some time alone. Get to know yourself, what you need and what you desire. Bond with yourself… the more time you spend doing this, the better you’ll get to know yourself. You’re spending the rest of your life with yourself, so you might as well get acquainted. Once you truly understand and start listening to yourself in regards to what you need.. your life will shift for the better. Once you’ve began to listen to and honor yourself, your vessel will begin to fill. Then you can truly give someone else your time. You can truly honor their soul with your whole heart-ed presence. Once you give some time to yourself, you can then give some time to others. ❤


Trust is exceptionally difficult for me. I’m not sure why or where the lack of it stems from. This is something I work on daily as I strengthen my connection to Spirit and Source. I have quite a few of “the clairs” but my strongest are clair-sentience and clair-cognizance. I receive my messages through a feeling and/or inner knowing. The lack of trust can become quite the hurdle when trying to decipher these messages. Am I over reacting? Am I reading the situation correctly? Do I have all of the details? Is there anything I’m missing? Is this my ego-self or is this truly something channeled? These are questions I ask myself daily. If you too are struggling with trust, it’s okay! I think in one way or another, we all are! Take a few deep breaths and remember that you are divine love and light on this Earth. Remember that you came from Spirit and Source created you to be exactly as you are. We are all divine beings. They want us to be successful in all that we do. We are here to spread the Love and Light. Live your life this way… Go with the flow, knowing that all is well. Have faith in the fact that they will not steer you wrong. When you feel a pull to do something, go with it. If you KNOW that you are supposed to be somewhere at a certain time, be there. Practicing simple things like this, on a daily basis, will create a stronger sense of trust within yourself and a stronger sense of trust for the messages you are receiving.

Dear Lisa,
Thank you for taking the time to discuss such an important topic. Many of you are struggling with this. Know that you are not alone. When you are weary – close your eyes, say a prayer and feel the connection. It is always there, all you must to is access it. Do not ever feel afraid to do so. This connection is your life line. This connection is how you will successfully navigate through life. The more you connect, the more you trust, the more you will receive. Remember, this is a practice. Connection does not come over night. Just like yoga – PRACTICE MAKES PROGRESS. You can not expect us to give you answers and insight if you do not ask. We can not interfere with your free will. We can not do anything if you do not ask. PRACTICE THIS. PRACTICE ASKING. It is okay to ask for help. You should never feel ashamed or incapable for needing help. We all need a little help once in a while and that is what we are here for. We want to help you! We anxiously wait for you to ask. We know what it is that you must do, as do you. You just must simply learn to trust the voice that is inside of you. The voice that is steering you in certain directions. That voice is us. We are within you. We are one. Do not forget that you are a divine being of love and light. Remember this frequently. Remember that everything you do should come from this… it should come from divine love and light. When something no longer stirs the passion inside you, it is time to let it go. Keeping yourself and your energy/enviornment clear will help you better understand our messages. The more you understand, the more you will trust. It is all connected. We are all connected. Nothing is a stand-alone.. it all has a reason. There is a larger purpose for ALL. Work on the trust and one day you will see.
We leave you with this. With Divine Love & Light.
The Angels of the many Realms.
The light within me bows and honors the light within you as we are the same.
I am you, you are me, we are one, all is well.

Light Workers/Love.

As light workers, we naturally work from a higher vibration than others. This sometimes can cause a discord between people (friendships, romantic partnerships, business partnerships). When others are coming from a lower vibration, they may not truly understand a situation the same way you do. They may perceive anger, when there is not. They may perceive disgust, when there is not. This can become very difficult as one person feels adamantly a situation was a certain way, when we as light workers view it very differently. The best thing we can do in this situation is come from love. When we come from love, we exude love. Going into any situation with love, is the best way to create a positive outcome. It might not be the outcome you desired, but it’s the outcome that love created, and it is the outcome that you need. Remember to LIVE IN LOVE.


You must connect with your body every single day. As that is the vessel your soul has chosen for this lifetime.

Get to know it. Treat it with care. Only you decide what it needs.

Every time you do some sort of physical activity, the mind and soul become more connected and attuned to the physical body. Through the everyday connection, you begin to understand it’s needs better and better. Your body is the vessel through which your mind and soul channel energy. Keep it clean. Keep it pure. Keep it moving. Keep it active. Keep it light.

Peace, Love and Light. Namaste.

Self Care.

Creating peace within yourself. That has to be the first priority, always. Only you know what you truly need. It is about you and that’s not selfish. Before you can ever truly care for another being, you need to care for yourself. You must be full, complete and at peace before you can bring lasting peace to another being. You must take care of yourself. Nobody else needs to understand that. It’s okay for it to be about you. It’s okay to take care of yourself. It is okay!

Ways to take care of yourself-
1) Take a bath
2) Meditate
3) Yoga
4) Walk
5) Eat less sugar
6) Drink more water
7) Eat more fruits & vegetables
8) Say no to things that don’t make your soul sing

When you sing and dance, that’s when you’re truly happy.

Find healthy ways to channel your energy.

“Idle hands are the devil’s playground.”

When your energy is not being channeled constructively, it becomes destructive. It will find the quickest, easiest outlet because it insists to be moved. Finding a healthy outlet brings peace and balance.


What is fear? Why do we have it? A realization of an irrational fear got me thinking… where did it come from? Why was it there?

Past lives.

That’s the answer I got. Our fears in this life time have to stem from a tragedy in a previous. Fall off a bridge to your death in one life… Afraid of heights in the next. Drown in one life.. Afraid of the water in the next. Stab the person you love in one life… Afraid to love in the next. All is connected. Even when your physical body dies, your soul lives in. It is reincarnated into another life time, but the imprints from tragedy remain with you.

In each life we live, we have to battle more and more challenges. Our soul is a collection of lives, past and present. That’s what makes us up. In order to fully move on and ascend, it is important to look back into our past lives. This can help us to understand the lessons we need to learn. This can also helps us to understand why we are the way we are.

Through past life exploration, you begin to know and understand your soul. This brings insight into many aspects of your personality. What you enjoy, what you fear, what you love, etc. By learning about your past lives, you learn about your soul. This is how you truly get to know yourself. For you are a soul having a human experience. It is not the human self which we need to know to truly understand ourselves, it is the soul.


Some may view death as the end, the grand finale to life. However, it is not. Death is the end of what we know. Death is the ending of what is no longer serving us. For some this may mean life of the physical plane. But death is not always about life. You can experience death in many ways. Death of the old you, death of your old life.

Recently, I had an experience where many deaths were channeled to me. I saw them, I felt them. It was a new experience that I was not used to and I was not sure how to interpret it for the longest. After taking some time to ponder this, meditate on it, and truly connect with why I was shown such morbid things I came to realize – it correlates totally with my life. It was symbolic of the death of the old Lisa. The death of the life I was living because I felt I had to. I realize it is time to move on and step into my dreams. It is time to live the life I want to live.

After being shown the deaths I channeled a message saying that death is not to be feared. Death is not the end. There are far more lessons those who have crossed over want to bring back to us on the Earth plane.

This is symbolic because of every experience we have is teaching us a lesson. Even when we do feel the death of our old selves, we should not move on without acknowledging all the things that old self has taught us. Every experience we have is for a reason… even death (physical or not). You must always look for the lesson, the silver lining and the good in each situation, as hard as that may be. By doing so.. this is how you ascend.

Ascension is the process of raising your vibration to the highest level. Ascension is the process of learning to always see the higher perspective. Archangel Azrael is here to assist us in that. He wants to teach us how to ascend while still on Earth, as well as show us how to ascend after we’ve crossed over. Archangel Azrael is the Angel of Death. Now, although this can sound scary.. it is not. He does not want us to die. He is simply about showing us the higher perspectives and paving the way for us to get there… and often times this means death of parts of you, death of your old ways, death of your old life. For you must make drastic changes during the process of Ascension. It is not easy, but he is here to help. Don’t forget to call on him in times of change.

Death is part of Ascension and Ascension is the goal.
Do not fear. Archangel Azrael is here.

With Love & Light,