A questions we often ask yourselves..

What if this goes wrong?

What if it doesn’t work the way I want it to?

What if it doesn’t work at all?!

What if I fail?

What if I fall?

What if I can’t do this?


It’s become a mechanism for us to use when we’re avoiding our dreams.

BUT WHAT IF… we asked ourselves different questions? Ones that serves us in taking steps towards our purpose…

What if this works?

What if I succeed?

What if I can do this?

What if I get everything I’ve always wanted?


It has a whole new connotation to it.. full of positivity and excitement.

So let’s shift the narrative.

Change the questions.

Reframe your what ifs.

The thing you’re thinking about…

What if you do it?

What if it works?

What if you get what you want?

Wouldn’t that be fucking incredible?! 💙✨

Don’t Stress It; Trust the Process!

I used to care…

I used to care about the people unfollowing me.

I used to care about the ones who’d unsubscribe from my mailing list.

I used to care about the friendships that died out.

I mean, I care about the people. I wish them the best. But I don’t care that they’ve left. #sorrynotsorry

I used to make it mean something about me-

I must’ve done something wrong.

I must’ve said the wrong thing.

I must’ve been a bad friend.

I must’ve posted too much/not enough.

But regardless of if somebody chooses to stay or if they choose to go; it doesn’t have to mean anything about you. And you should never have to change things about yourself in order to keep people/things. If you do, those aren’t your people!

Things ebbs and flow. People come and go. That’s the way the Universe works.

Things come into your life when you’re ready for them and they leave when their time is complete. It’s the same with people.

So don’t stress it when people go; simply just bless and release them. Thank them for the time spent together, the adventures had, the lessons learned and allow them to move on. Don’t make it mean something about who you are as a person.

Stand rooted in your truth. Know that you are a divine being here with purpose. And trust that your people will find you exactly when they need to. So if somebody leaves your circle, they’re just making room for the next person you’re here to impact who’s currently finding their way in.

Don’t stress it.

Trust the process.

& try not to care so damn much. ✌🏼


Are you ready to get out of your own way, break the cycle, shift the pattern and LIVE OUT LOUD?!

It’s really simple.

We are limitless beings who place limits upon ourselves.

We prevent ourselves from becoming what we want to become.

The responsibility all falls back on us…

Which is truly a beautiful thing because WE HAVE THE POWER to do something about it.

Grab your journal and a pen because I’m about to share with you a little exercise that has helped me shift into a place of empowerment and get out of my own way –

All you have to do is ask yourself these questions –

  • What do I want to experience today?
  • How would I feel, believe, and act if I knew these experiences were definitely going to happen?
  • What emotions do I desire to feel today?
  • Are my thoughts and beliefs conducive to the emotions I wish to experience?
  • Where am I getting in my own way?

Journal the answers.

Let it come from your heart, through you and onto the paper, without judgement or limits. Then go ahead and hold the energy of knowing the things you want are already yours! Watch as they easily and effortlessly come to you.

You have the power, baby.

You can shift. You can choose.

You can become whatever you want.

xoxo. Love. Light. Lisa. 💙

Tune Into Your Highest Self

There is no threat in another shining their brightest –

You are unique and you are here on purpose.

When another shines their own unique light brightly, it does not dim yours.

What does dim your light are lower vibrational emotions like anger and jealousy. These emotions are of a higher density; they vibrate slower than the frequency of light. When they are in your vibratory field, they prevent you from shining your brightest.

So rather than focus on the other, the external representation of you. Shift your focus within. Remain focused internally and see yourself as the bright light that you are.

Tune into your highest self.

Love yourself.

And ask yourself-

How can I shine the brightest today?

What can I do that adds value into the world?

How can I be my best self?

Do the damn thing!

The future you’re dreaming about is on the other side of the things you’re doing the most to avoid –

We all have things that we’d rather not do, things that don’t excite us, things make us scared, etc. But avoiding them doesn’t make them go away and it sure as hell doesn’t make your life any easier. It actually just prolongs your pain.

When you’re avoiding, you end up spending precious time and energy worrying about what you want to avoid, how you can avoid it, and why you want to.

Ultimately, you’re renting mental space to this very thing for far too long and spreading yourself way too thin.

Instead of avoiding, why not just dive right in? Dive into what you fear and the fear almost instantly goes away. Face the thing straight on and conquer it like a boss.

There might be some waves you’ll need to ride along the way, but trust that you’ll know exactly how when the time comes.

When you dive in, rather than avoid, you save yourself the prolonged pain and worry that come with avoidance.



Whatever it is that you’re thinking about now; just do it! If you want it, you can handle it. I believe in you. Now it’s time to believe in yourself.. and dive in deep! 🌊

Who Do You Choose to Be?!

You are not the product of your past.

You are the product of who you CHOOSE to be.

You are constantly in a position of power because you were born with the free will of choice!

Don’t give this power away to your past thinking you can only be who you once were.

Every moment you are making small choices that add up and total equaling WHO YOU ARE.

With every thought or action you are choosing who you’re becoming.

You are allowed to choose something different.

Time and time again; all you have to do is choose.

So who do you choose to be?

Healing is a Mind Game

You can work on your energy over and over and over again. Yes, it will help you feel better. Yes, it may shift things a bit. But, if you don’t take time to look within the mind; the thoughts and beliefs you hold will inevitably keep creating the same patterns you’re desperately looking to escape from.

There is no one right way to heal.

There is no quick fix.

Healing is an all encompassing task.

If you simply just put a bandaid on the energy you’re holding, eventually the bandaid will fall off and the wound will reappear.

When we also look at your thought patterns, you can then begin to shift them.

Your thoughts shape your reality.

Your reality is made up of energy.

If you change the energy without changing the thoughts, it’s just a quick fix and won’t hold the test of time.

When you begin to shift your thoughts, you can create new patterns. These new patterns imprint your energy field with new vibrations, and raise your frequency into higher elevations.

This is why I believe in incorporating both mindset work and energy work within my practice. You can’t have one without the other.. it’s not complete.

Manifestation Made Simple

Everything is energy, right?

So your job is to just get into the energy of the thing you want.

It’s truly that simple!

Do you want a new car? Picture yourself driving it.
What would it feel like if you already had it?

Do you want more money? Picture it coming into your PayPal or your bank account.
What would it feel like if you already had it?

Do you want a significant other? Picture yourself meeting them.
What would you do if you were already together?

So many people can overcomplicate the process of manifestation. It’s just an energetic process. Energy comes first. So get yourself in the energy of the thing you want, make space for it to come, and open yourself up to receive. Your dreams are waiting for you.

xoxo. Love. Light. Lisa.

What do you do when you’re not inspired?

What do you do when you’re not inspired?

Channeled Inspirations is literally built off of inspired ideas and actions. But what about when they don’t come?

I don’t want to shock you or anything but… I’m a human being! CRAZY.. I know! LOL but in all seriousness.. I am human so I’m not always in a state of channel, or always inspired to act on a new divine download.

There’s plenty of down times in between where I don’t know what to do next.. but nothing feels quite right.

I’ve learned, that in those moments, I need to return to stillness and surrender. And that doesn’t always mean sitting in a silent, still meditation. More often than not, it just means accepting where I am. Accepting the pause before the next stroke of inspiration.

You may find yourself in these moments. They’re natural! After all, we can’t be in a constant state of creation- we’ll go into overload, crash and burn out.

It’s in the moments of stillness, between inspirations and creations, where you can find appreciation for all that you’ve created thus far. You can find appreciation for the moment you’re in, because you’ll never be in it again. You can find appreciation for all that’s around you. And you get to JUST BE!!

What a concept, right?!

Just being.

We’re so programmed to be in go-mode that it almost doesn’t come natural to a human being to simply be.

It’s in those moments of being where all of the gifts and splendor reside. When we’re so focused on the past or the future, we miss the gift of the now.

So when you’re in between strokes of inspiration and you don’t know what to do- JUST BE.

Emotions are Energy in Motion

Im blessed to be able to say that I haven’t experienced much loss in my life.

Now of course, I have lost people, places and things; all which had great meaning to me. But I’ve been able to get by by successfully avoiding my emotions about it. Somehow I’ve always found a way to numb out, shove my emotions deep down and keep it moving.

I’m such an emotional being. I’m learning to allow this now.. but for years- I repressed.

I learned to hide my emotions (fear, anger, sadness) during any of my dads bursts of rage because he used it as fuel and turned it against me.

I learned to hide my feeling (sadness and embarrassment) in regards to things that happened to me so others wouldn’t know I was upset.

I learned to shut down the outpouring of tears and sadness when my great grandmother died, when we put my cat down, when we had to give my dog away, when we sold the house I grew up in, when my mom was fighting cancer, and many more times than I can even recall.

The shut down helped me process, push through and keep it moving so I didn’t break down. After all, I couldn’t be another burden to those around me when I was supposed to be the dependable one everyone could count on.

That’s how I viewed my emotions.. as an inconvenience to others, a burden. When actually, my emotions are my connection to my purpose and my gift.

Emotions are a sacred expression. They are divine source energy moving through you. They are an experience in which you travel through to find peace.

My emotions allow me to free myself of the heaviness I’ve carried within.

My emotions allow me to feel and express the waves of existence.

My emotions are a part of my human experience that I no longer wish to shove down and ignore.

So allow yourself to feel the feelings that come up. Feel into the discomfort of loss. Express the energy as it moves through you. If you don’t express it now, it’ll find another way to bubble up and out anyways. Take control of your emotions by simply just letting them flow.