Rev. Lisa Dooley, RMT

Hi- I’m Lisa and I’m here to shake shit up!

I’m a girl born & raised on Long Island, but I’m anything but typical. I believe we all have the power to create the life of our dreams and it’s our responsibility to act upon it.

I lead a lifestyle where everything I do is a spiritual practice. You’ll always find me with crystals on deck and don’t be surprised if I sage you at random. I have too many Oracle decks to count, I’ve started a million books and don’t always finish them, and I’m obsessed with all things water- bath, ocean, pool, you name it- I’m there.

On the rare occasions I’m not deep into my spirituality, you’ll find me basking in my solitude as I recharge myself with some delicious vegetarian food and a water bottle near by, indulging in a good ole Netflix binge.

I am compassionate yet direct, emotional and still logical, loving and detached. These qualities allow me to excel as not only a mentor, but also a channel, and take my clients to the next level.

I am obsessed with helping women break free from the job they think they have to work to start the business of their dreams.

I love to work with women who are into the woo-woo spirituality, can get down with a bit of sarcasm, have a great sense of humor, are eager and willing to do the work and are ready to change the world by starting with themselves!

My reminder for you is that…

It’s time to stop playing small.
It’s time to claim your power.
It’s time to step into your light.
The time for Sacred Success is now.

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