Are you living in a state of “not enough” ?

Do you feel like there’s no stability? Like you’re standing on shaky grounds?

You’re trying so desperately to save money but notice no increase at all in your accounts?

Instead of an increase of money, you’re seeing an increase in debt and freaking out?

Are you constantly stressed out and spread too thin?

You know you need something but have no idea what it is.

You feel like you’re on the edge of transformation, you’re just WAITING for it to FINALLY happen.

Maybe you already started your dream business, but you’re not seeing the clients flood in like you thought they would.

Perhaps you’ve began to notice the thoughts that are preventing you from having what you want but you can’t figure out what the next step to take is.

You’re procrastinating, second guessing and stressed out all of the time. You have anxiety so you just want to avoid it at all costs. You don’t want to discuss it with anyone or even think about it with yourself.

You dream of the freedom that having more money would allow. You’d finally be able to live the life that you want to live.

You dream of the clients flooding in, the lives you’d help and the divine support that you’d feel through money.

You dream of the stress being gone. Your business would finally grow with ease.

The dream is there.. but you’re afraid to do anything about it because it’s easier to avoid.

You’re thinking…

Maybe it’s not even solvable anyways?

What if life is just always going to be filled with stress about money? At least I’m used to this level of stress.

What if I get more money and then I have to handle more responsibility and I’m not ready?

What if I change too much and I don’t recognize myself or my life anymore?

Where do I even start anyways?! Trusting the Universe doesn’t come easily to me!

You’ve tried ignoring it- that hasn’t worked.

You’ve tried meditations, but never saw the results you desired.

You’ve tried to shift your thoughts on your own but have just found yourself in an internal battle that’s getting you nowhere.

You’ve received energy work but haven’t seen the miracles you expected to afterwards.

You’ve read the books. You’ve started the work. But you’re still in the same position.. feeling like there’s barely enough, wanting more and not knowing what more to do to get there.

That’s where I come in!

I feel you..

I know your struggle, because it was my own.

I know your frustration and stress first hand.

I know how hard you’re trying, how big your dreams are and I want to help you!

I want to make it easier for you to realize your dreams.. because they are possible!

I was once working jobs that made me miserable just to make money.

I was putting my dreams on the back burner for financially stability that I never truly reached.

I took little baby steps towards my dreams.

I held onto jobs that drained me out of fear that I wouldn’t make it otherwise.

I ignored money for as long as I could hoping it would somehow magically resolve itself.

I’ve almost given up countless times, thinking maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.

But I didn’t – I held on – I tried and tried and tried… And finally I found something that actually worked!

& I share it with my one-on-one clients.

I offer my heart, my energy and all of my cosmic knowings inside this sacred container. I combined both energy work and mindset work offering you the complete package for transformation.

Together we bring into awareness all the things in your life that aren’t actually what you want. You will be empowered to choose your life, instead of going through and powerlessly accepting the way it is.

This work takes you from feeling stuck and frustrated to feeling empowered and free!

Inside this container, you receive weekly coaching calls AND weekly healing meditations to reprogram your energy field. You also receive unlimited support through Voxer during business hours!

My 1:1 mentorship container is SO SACRED and special to me.. I adore it and pour my everything into it. It’s the most intimate way to work with me and offers the biggest transformations!

Here’s a few of my favorite things previous clients have said:

“Lisa has been mentoring me through my Reiki journey for a couple months. She is amazing at answering any questions I have and suggesting things to improve my craft. When she does perform Reiki on me I feel much lighter. She also takes the time to sit with you after the session to tell you what she found and some other things you may be able to do to continue to improve yourself. She really is an amazing person. I’m so grateful to have her teaching me what she knows.”

“Lisa is insightful and spot on! She is very clear and tuned in, and has the ability to give guidance and direction toward a peaceful, productive outcome.”

“I’ve worked with Lisa now for the last 12 weeks and OMG WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Having a coach, is much like in sports, where it’s someone who holds you accountable. Someone who makes you do the work and super encourages you every step of the way. We’d talk about things going on in my personal life and my business, and Lisa would give me advice or tell me to do something! (And I always would!). We would set goals and celebrate when they were reached. And everything in my life started improving! My relationships got better, even my day job got better, and most importantly my business super expanded! I gained a significant more followers since doing the work and from January to April my business literally saw an increase in profit by 9x! Overall Lisa is just absolutely amazing, she knows what she’s doing, and she encouraged me every step of the way to be the best me possible. Having a coach made me believe that anything is possible, even more so! So overall, I highly recommend hiring a coach if you’re looking to go big – and I definitely recommend Lisa of Channeled Inspirations – bc she is the real deal and will help you soar!”

I am opening up a few more spots to work with me one-on-one! If this speaks to you and you’re ready to level up and live the life of your dreams – I’m offering 20 minute complimentary calls to make sure it’s a good fit. Let’s schedule yours! xo