Shift Your Reality

Take a deep breath in.

As you exhale release tension from your body.

Slow your thoughts and take notice of what is running through your mind.

Separate yourself from your thoughts.

Become the observer.

What thoughts are coming up for you?

Are they helping you create the life you want to live?

Or are they sabotaging what you want by placing limits in your way?

Do not judge yourself for them.

Simply observe.

Our thought patterns effect our energy.

Both our thoughts and energy effect our reality.

So by simply auditing yourself, you are giving yourself the chance to shift.

You get to choose how you think, how you feel and what you create.

Slow down for a minute and recognize what you’ve chosen.

Reclaim your power to choose again.

Your reality can shift in an instant; all you have to do is first shift your thoughts.

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