M O N E Y ~

Let’s take a look at  M O N E Y ;

When’s the last time you really looked at your thoughts and beliefs about it?

Money is energy, like everything else.

It is not good. It is not bad. It just is.

You get to frame the way money works for you. You get to decide how you feel about money. You have the power; money does not have power over you!

So let’s start with getting clear..

When you think about money, what comes up for you? How do you feel?

Do you get tense? Anxious? Stressed?

Do you feel supported? In flow? Abundant?

The way you think and feel about money is dictating how money reacts with you in your reality. In order to truly understand the situation you’re in, you have to look at it. Face it for what it is. No judgements. Just awareness.

Are you wishing for more money but tensing up the moment you think about it?

Are you calling in more money but thinking about all the ways it’s going to go right back out?

Are you asking for more money but blocking opportunities to receive?

Sit with these questions.

Allow the answers to come from within you.

Not from your head, but from your heart.

Begin to recognize and become aware of your relationship with money.

Lean in to treating money like a friend; one who is always there when you need to support you in all your desires.

Lean in to treating money as infinite; knowing there is always enough to go around.

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