Are you living your life for yourself?

So often people get caught up in the expectations of others, in the shoulds, and in the hustle of societal norms.

But let’s slow down for a minute and check in…

When’s the last time you asked yourself what YOU wanted?!

Earlier I was talking to someone who said “it’s so nice just to have these two days for myself!” And it struck me..


After all… It’s YOUR life!

If you feel as though your days aren’t for yourself… If you feel as though you’re going through doing what you “have to” , what you “should” , or what’s expected….

Who are you really living for?!

If you’ve found yourself living a life that doesn’t fulfill you, doesn’t light you up and doesn’t bring you joy – you’re missing the point. But it’s not too late to shift this…

You were not born to this Earth to live for others. You were not brought here to suffer.

You are incarnate here on Earth to live your truth, live your purpose and shine your light!

So take this time now to decide that you’re done-

Done with people pleasing.

Done with doing what you “should”.

Done with living to meet the expectations of others.

Done with the hustle.

Done living your life for others.

Decide that you’re now going to-

Put yourself first.

Check in with your deepest desires.

Live fully for and as yourself.

It’s in this decision, that you get to reclaim your life.

It’s in this decision, that you get to live for you.

It’s in this decision, that your whole life can change.

So what are you waiting for … ?!