The Universe is reflecting back to us the vibrations we are emitting –

These vibrations are made up of our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions. So when something happens “to us” that we don’t like, it’s truly just an opportunity to shift the focus back in and reflect.

The other day I had a schedule full of calls. Not totally back to back but close enough that I got up early, got ready so I was set for the day and wouldn’t have to try to squeeze anything in in-between. I’m aware enough to know I am not at my best when I am rushed.

And what happened was quite interesting-

My second call ended up having to be pushed back until later. I tried to take my third call early but they weren’t ready. So I found myself waiting. After my third call, my second call became my fourth call. And then my fifth call was a total no show. I tried to take my sixth call early but they weren’t ready. When it was time for my sixth call, they had no service since they were traveling so we had to reschedule! So again, I found myself waiting..

I grew frustrated because this wasn’t actually what I had envisioned for my day. I was in get shit done mode and it wasn’t panning out that way. (No surprise that’s what my client and I discussed on my very first call of the day- how sometimes things don’t go the way we think they should)

I used the new found time that I had as an opportunity to journal and reflect. Might as well get shit done, right?

So I journaled about boundaries and time and what I realized was –

There’s places in my life where I am not valuing and honoring my own time. There’s places in my life that I am literally wasting my own time. There’s places in my life where I have yet to set clear boundaries.

So of course this showed up as a reflection within my Universe.

The Universe gifted me this opportunity to see where I was the root cause of me feeling like my time was being wasted.

I could have let this get the best of me. I could have gone through the rest of my day defeated, annoyed and bitter. Instead, I recognized the lesson and shifted my energy back up to it’s rightful vibration of light.

So I share this as a reminder, my friends;

It all starts and ends with you and you get to choose how you react when life hits you with the unexpected.