I used to care…

I used to care about the people unfollowing me.

I used to care about the ones who’d unsubscribe from my mailing list.

I used to care about the friendships that died out.

I mean, I care about the people. I wish them the best. But I don’t care that they’ve left. #sorrynotsorry

I used to make it mean something about me-

I must’ve done something wrong.

I must’ve said the wrong thing.

I must’ve been a bad friend.

I must’ve posted too much/not enough.

But regardless of if somebody chooses to stay or if they choose to go; it doesn’t have to mean anything about you. And you should never have to change things about yourself in order to keep people/things. If you do, those aren’t your people!

Things ebbs and flow. People come and go. That’s the way the Universe works.

Things come into your life when you’re ready for them and they leave when their time is complete. It’s the same with people.

So don’t stress it when people go; simply just bless and release them. Thank them for the time spent together, the adventures had, the lessons learned and allow them to move on. Don’t make it mean something about who you are as a person.

Stand rooted in your truth. Know that you are a divine being here with purpose. And trust that your people will find you exactly when they need to. So if somebody leaves your circle, they’re just making room for the next person you’re here to impact who’s currently finding their way in.

Don’t stress it.

Trust the process.

& try not to care so damn much. ✌🏼