The future you’re dreaming about is on the other side of the things you’re doing the most to avoid –

We all have things that we’d rather not do, things that don’t excite us, things make us scared, etc. But avoiding them doesn’t make them go away and it sure as hell doesn’t make your life any easier. It actually just prolongs your pain.

When you’re avoiding, you end up spending precious time and energy worrying about what you want to avoid, how you can avoid it, and why you want to.

Ultimately, you’re renting mental space to this very thing for far too long and spreading yourself way too thin.

Instead of avoiding, why not just dive right in? Dive into what you fear and the fear almost instantly goes away. Face the thing straight on and conquer it like a boss.

There might be some waves you’ll need to ride along the way, but trust that you’ll know exactly how when the time comes.

When you dive in, rather than avoid, you save yourself the prolonged pain and worry that come with avoidance.



Whatever it is that you’re thinking about now; just do it! If you want it, you can handle it. I believe in you. Now it’s time to believe in yourself.. and dive in deep! 🌊