What do you do when you’re not inspired?

Channeled Inspirations is literally built off of inspired ideas and actions. But what about when they don’t come?

I don’t want to shock you or anything but… I’m a human being! CRAZY.. I know! LOL but in all seriousness.. I am human so I’m not always in a state of channel, or always inspired to act on a new divine download.

There’s plenty of down times in between where I don’t know what to do next.. but nothing feels quite right.

I’ve learned, that in those moments, I need to return to stillness and surrender. And that doesn’t always mean sitting in a silent, still meditation. More often than not, it just means accepting where I am. Accepting the pause before the next stroke of inspiration.

You may find yourself in these moments. They’re natural! After all, we can’t be in a constant state of creation- we’ll go into overload, crash and burn out.

It’s in the moments of stillness, between inspirations and creations, where you can find appreciation for all that you’ve created thus far. You can find appreciation for the moment you’re in, because you’ll never be in it again. You can find appreciation for all that’s around you. And you get to JUST BE!!

What a concept, right?!

Just being.

We’re so programmed to be in go-mode that it almost doesn’t come natural to a human being to simply be.

It’s in those moments of being where all of the gifts and splendor reside. When we’re so focused on the past or the future, we miss the gift of the now.

So when you’re in between strokes of inspiration and you don’t know what to do- JUST BE.