Have you ever forgotten about yourself?

I’m sure you have. You might not even realize it.

It happens so quickly. You’re going about your life- work, chores, responsibilities, relationships, etc. All of a sudden you realize you’re no longer in the mix.

Through taking care of it all.. doing what you feel you SHOULD do.. you lost yourself.

This just recently happened to me.

With a series of synchronistic events (thank you universe), it dawned on me; I’d forgotten about myself. I got too busy and wrapped up in being this person for everyone else, I hadn’t stopped to check in with myself.

My meditation practice became very sporadic.

My relaxing and very necessary healing baths became nonexistent.

The love I had for myself was fleeting before my eyes.

But why?

Because I wasn’t make it a priority. My priorities were my clients, my business, relaxation (aka Netflix and that’s not even real relaxation.. I’d re-qualify it as avoidance). I was focused on growing and thriving. Accomplishing more while doing less and being better every minute.

My efforts were great but very flawed.

When you don’t have the solid relationship with self, nothing else can truly thrive. You’re building on shaky grounds and before you know it, the building collapses.

The foundation of your life is the relationship you have with yourself. So I ask – have you forgotten about you?