The push and the pull..

I remember when I first became aware of the push and pull. A coach of mine pointed it out when I was still with my ex. I was pushing and pulling him back and forth.

My relationship both with him and with myself were not healthy at that time. I remember associating the push and push with that of an unhealthy relationship.. it’s an unhealthy pattern, right?!

Not necessarily… as I’ve come to realize.. it’s actually quite natural. The moon has its phases, the oceans have their waves, and life ebbs and flows. It’s all a natural cycle of push and pull.. in its own divine rhythm.

The push and pull isn’t something to fear or to completely avoid. It’s something to notice. Become an observer of your patterns and the reasoning behind them.

Why are you pushing for more? What is it that you desire that you don’t currently have?

Why are you pulling away? What is it that you need to retreat from to create space for yourself?

There’s nothing wrong with the push and pull. It’s the ebb and flow of life. Use it to become aware of yourself, don’t try to dismiss it or push it away… pull it closer and study it. You are perfect exactly as you are.