It’s so important we let all of ourself be expressed

We are multifaceted human beings

Infinite energy having a human experience

It’s impossible for us to define ourselves in only one way

There are so many sides of me!

There’s the fun loving, bra burning, hippie who BELONGS at Woodstock

There’s the spiritual priestess who worships the light and is one with the universe

There’s the CEO who knows how to get shit done and run a business

There’s the teachers pet, rule following, good girl

There’s the over-the-top rebel who loves to push boundaries and take it to the extreme

There’s the earth goddess who wants to run naked and bare foot through the forest

&There’s so many more!

I’m just here to remind you that you don’t have to be just one thing…

B E. I T. A L L. 🌟

Be true. Be you.