Think about this…

What brings you P E A C E ?

In a world that can seem so chaotic, how can you find your peace?

When the external feels out of control, how do you turn within?

In a world full of busy and hustle, how can you slow down and find stillness?

What can you do today that brings you peace?


Recently I had a big realization.

My purpose is peace.

It’s been right in front of me the whole time but I’ve been so busy looking at all the details of HOW that I missed the bigger picture.

Everything I do is filled with peaceful energy.

I have found my way from a life of absolute chaos into a life of peace. I created this for myself.. but it wasn’t always this way.

I came from a childhood where you never knew what to expect, when the next fight would break out, or why there was so much tension.. but you sure felt it.

As I grew up, I re-created this pattern over and over again. I partied. I got in trouble. I rebelled. Because what I knew was chaos.

Until I realized that that wasn’t the life I wanted to be living. Deep down my soul craved peace.

And now, I find myself at peace within my life.

I hold sacred space for you, your light, and your energy to come to a place of peace.

I create sacred spaces that make you feel peaceful when you’re in them.

I listen to music that brings peace and calm.

Everything I do and everything I create is filled with peace.

So I ask you… how can you find some peace today? ✌🏼💙