Choose How You Feel

You control how you feel –

You set the standard for where you vibe

You are solely responsible for your energy


This morning I woke up anxious and stressed. I woke up a little later than I desired. I immediately started stressing over silly things. Silly, because stressing about them wasn’t going to create any change in them. So I decided to SHIFT.

I made my coffee. Put on some high vibe podcasts (shout out @xoamandafrances & @marissalace), took some deep breaths and handled things one step at a time.

Now I’m sitting outside the Pilates studio I arrived to a few minutes early; listening to music and breathing deeply. I’m setting the intention that this class will allow any lower vibrations, like stress and anxiety, to easily leave my physical and energy bodies.

Don’t settle for how you feel.





xoxo. Love. Light. Lisa. 💙

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