Hey y’all.. it’s been quite a long time since I didn’t any sort of introduction post about myself. Since so much has been shifting over the past few months (and continues to), now seems like as good a time as any!

So hi! 👋🏼 I’m Lisa.. the human behind Channeled Inspirations. It’s funny to say that.. most days I’d rather not human.. I’d much prefer to spend my time in the quantum field of energy 🤷🏼‍♀️ but I signed on to human.. so here I am! Making the best of both worlds.

I often have a hard time defining myself and explaining all it is that I am so.. Here are some things about me that you may or may not be surprised to know…

  • I’m born and raised on Long Island
  • I’ve never been off the east coast, although I’d really love to travel the world
  • Channeled Inspirations is barely 3 years old
  • My dog Henry is both my biggest joy and biggest frustration in life
  • I live in an apartment with my mom and before my mom lived here, I shared this apartment with my dad
  • I’m a recovering perfectionist
  • I overcame my anxiety through meditation
  • I can not stand small talk & can’t be bothered to feign interest #sorrynotsorry
  • I’m an only child
  • I am deeply connected to the Earth and all things nature (plants, crystals, trees, ocean, rocks… to name a few)

If you’re interested in hearing more of my personal story, or the story of how Channeled Inspirations came about.. check out The Channeled Inspirations Podcast! (Link in bio to listen.. don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review 😉)

Id love to get to know you better.. so leave a fun fact about yourself in the comments so we can connect! 💙