Whoa.. last week was INCREDIBLE.

I somehow found myself within a new elevated timeline and I am loving every single second of it.

It happened suddenly and only after I really began to get clear on my vision.

No more playing small.
No more settling for good enough.
No more of the things that don’t vibe with me.

Have you taken some time recently to check in with your vision?

Are you consciously auditing your life to make sure it’s in alignment?

It started in a meditation –
I was feeling into the sacred space of my dreams.
I felt it within my energy, around me.
And then I decided I could have it now.

So I shifted my space, again.
And with that I got rid of things that no longer matched the vibe I was creating.
Then I let it ripple out into every area of my life.

This past week I did things that scared me.
I said yes when I felt the pull.
I said no to things that weren’t aligned.
I recalibrated my entire existence and created a massive shift.

I invite you to do the same!