Evolution might appear as devolution at first.

Sometimes we must break down- burn it to the ground- and rise anew.

It’s like remodeling a house…

You can’t build a new house on top of an existing house.

First you have to demolish what exists… until there’s nothing left.

Then check the foundation, because you can’t build on shaky grounds.

From an outside perspective… it doesn’t look like progress is really being made… you had a house and now you don’t.

But in the void.. in the nothingness that is your empty plot of land lies limitless potential for what you can now build!

Once your foundation is solid, then you can build anew. You can create whatever it is that you desire. The limit does not exist.

It is the same process within our lives and our energy.

If something is no longer working for you- burn it down, demolish it. Start anew.

It’s probably going to look and feel like devolution while you’re in it.

But when you’re rebuilding.. you’ll be so free to build anew and to build whatever your heart desires.

So don’t worry about where you are in the process.. if you’re demo-ing, re-checking the foundation or building your new home. You’re exactly where your meant to be and every part of the process is perfect for you!