This is a big Chakra for me.. I’m always doing work on it!

My Human Design type is a Manifestor. My strategy is to inform.

For so many years I was oversharing, speaking out and overcompensating. When I was younger I definitely experienced symptoms of an over-active Throat Chakra.

As I got older, I over compensated the other way and began to bite my tongue, never speaking up/out.

Over the years- I’ve come to find a more balanced Throat Chakra energy, yet it keeps clearing on new and deeper levels (thank goodness! If you ain’t growing… whatcha doing?! Lol).

I’m entering another round of clearing and finding new methods of expression. Digging deep to shed light on what’s been shadowed.

Did you know that you don’t always have to physically speak to take part in throat chakra clearing energy work?!

Journaling is a great method of finding your voice! It allows you to EXPRESS unapologetically. Bring it up, bring it out, bring it to the light. You’ll feel better than ever!

Here’s a few questions you can ask yourself (especially for your throat chakra) while journaling:

• what is bothering me

• what am I thinking that I haven’t yet said

• what am I ashamed of

• what have I been hiding

• what wants to be brought to the light