Its no longer who I am. It hasn’t been for a while. I’ve been denying my truth in order to sustain a societal norm that just doesn’t work for me. That doesn’t mean I can never be that again. That doesn’t mean I judge those who are. It simply means, I chose not to. My vibration is higher without it.

It’s the same as my choice not to eat meat. I’ve eaten meat after making that decision. I might eat meat again. But I choose not to regularly indulge in the substance because it does not agree with me… ENERGETICALLY.

It’s okay to say no to that which no longer serves you. If it doesn’t add to your Energetic Elevation, what’s the point?! Why bother to continue to indulge on a path that is leading you nowhere?!

Choose the path less travelled.

Choose yourself.

Your energy.

Your vibration.

That is the most important asset you will EVER have.