Allow your spaces to evolve with you.

As I previously shared, my space has gone from just a well put together (if I do say so myself) bedroom, to a sanctuary and sacred space.

This came with my evolution.

It is, and always has been, a direct reflection of me.

For a long time, I’ve had a lot of things.

I held onto things. I kept them and they made me feel secure, in control, and safe.

But recently, I’ve started to let a lot of things go.

I’ve been a fan of the KonMari method long before her Netflix show but I used to have a hard time parting with things.

So many inanimate objects held so much meaning for me- I was rarely able to let go.

This turned out to actually be a direct reflection of my energetic state.

I was holding on to so much – for no reason.

Only because I didn’t know who I was without it.

But as I began to slowly but surely, let things go energetically. I was able to do the same physically. And vice versa.

This happened, not only in my spaces, but also within all aspects of my life. There were behaviors, people, and objects I had been holding on to for so long simply because.

When I began to let things go, create more space, and enjoy the feeling of spaciousness – that’s when the alignment started to fall into place.

The more I started to let things go and create space, the more I’ve seen come to me. The more miracles and magic happen every single day.

Now, I’m not suggesting you throw everything out and start over completely – although I’m sure that would be pretty cathartic. I’m just saying, take note of what you’re holding onto in all aspects.

Look around your space – physically see where there is busy-ness, clutter, and over stimulation – what can you clear out to bring more peace?

Feel into your energy – where is there heaviness – how can you release it so you feel light?

Feel into your emotions – what have you been shoving down that you don’t want to face – how can you let it go and move through it?

I put these in a specific order because our environment reflects our internal states.

If you’re not ready to deep dive within, look around and see what you want to shift.

Then pause, breathe, feel into it.

Recognize that the external is a representation.

Allow your space to evolve with you.

Allow your space to act as a conduit for your energetic shifts.

Allow your space to help you.

Do you NEED to have sacred, peaceful, calming, nurturing spaces filled with good, high vibes? No, not necessarily.

But deep down, isn’t that what you desire?