Real talk- My ego was on a roll yesterday, trying its hardest to prevent my evolution.

Let’s be honest, it can be comfortable to stay small. It is so much more convenient to allow yourself to stagnate. Growth is messy and uncomfortable. So much so my ego has been doing the most to prevent it!

I already told you about how I was inadvertently limiting my desires.. I was able to move through and conquer that. I went on and had a wonderful day! It was at night that I began to see my ego stepping in and getting in my way again.

First, I intended to read a few pages of a channeled book I’ve been studying. (As a channel, I find it incredibly important to investigate other channeled material that resonates. It helps me become familiar with the frequencies of energies I may or may not be familiar with.) But, instead of doing what I intended, I found myself distracted and playing with Henry.

Then, before bed, I set out to find the guided meditation I felt called to listen to. I opened YouTube, and before I knew it I had found myself watching a video of Snooki and her BFF Joey trying every item on the menu at McDonalds….. I don’t even eat McDonalds! 😂

Finally, I reeled it in, or so I thought, and found the guided meditation for the night. Only to close YouTube and find my way back over to Facebook scrolling away!

It was then that I began to realize my ego was hard at work. My ego was working overtime to do its very best at preventing my highest self from integrating herself further into my being = growth.

My little gremlin ego (I say that with love) thought it was protecting me, because growth is scary. But what ego hadn’t remembered is that, I’m ready for it! I strive for it. If you know me, you know I do not stagnate (or not for long at least).

I thanked my ego for its very hard work, while also reminding it that it wasn’t necessary. What once kept me safe was now going to break me free into an elevated version of myself. There was no reason to hide or avoid it anymore. I have learned how to face things head on.

You see, the concepts I teach on are ones that I have learned, and continue to learn to master, over and over and over again. What makes me so good at walking my clients through the process is that I do it time and time again for myself.

So I share this with you to remind you that I am going through it too. No matter how far I come, no matter how much I ascend or elevate, there’s always another layer to dismantle. There will always be another opportunity to move out of your small-(ego)-self and into your highest Self.

I invite you to take a closer look at how and why you allow your ego to “protect you” and get in the way of your growth. Use every day to investigate and learn more about how all the aspects of you are at work. Ego is nothing to shed, it is a part of you. Forever and always. You’ll do yourself a big favor by beginning to understand how it works and why.