Do you often find yourself rationalizing why you can’t have things?

This morning I caught myself saying no to myself over a simple desire.

I woke up to a glorious, sunny day. I was looking out my window, watching the trees sway with the wind, when I felt the call to have my morning coffee outdoors.

“I wish I had a balcony I could sit on”
“I wish I had a nicer backyard to spend time in”
“If my backyard was sunnier, I could sit at the table, journal and enjoy my coffee”
“I can’t go outside without taking Henry, that’d be unfair, but I can’t take him with me because the backyard isn’t fenced in. Obviously I just can’t go outside”
“If I could spend my morning outside I’d be much happier”

Then I realized… I was limiting myself. I was telling myself all the reasons why I couldn’t, instead of looking for the reasons why and how I could.

So I decided I was somehow going to make it work.

I peeked out the window indoor my backyard. There was plenty of sunshine hitting the grass. So I got out a beach towel, my journal, sunglasses and a cup of coffee and set up shop in the backyard for some me time. I got Henry dressed (collar, harness and leash) and had him join me.

We had the most incredible start to our day. We spent two hours in pure bliss. My soul feels nourished. I sat on the grass, journaled about releasing limits and all the ways I still inadvertently limit myself, I listened to the birds and the wind. I was at peace. All because I decided to put my desires first.

Make your desires a priority.
Commit to finding ways to make yourself experience peace, joy and bliss.
Release the limits that you put upon yourself.