I’ve always loved interiors and decorating my spaces. It was my way of putting a piece of my soul into my space.

As I’ve grown over the years, so has my taste. My spaces have become more and more sacred as I have learned that I am sacred.

The further I’ve dove into my spirituality, my energy, my divinity, my holiness, all of it, the more it’s been reflected within my space.

The more I’ve grown and evolved as a person, so have my spaces.

My space now is not just a room. It is my sanctuary. It is my retreat. It is my safe space. It is my home.

When I walk into a space, I want to feel at home. I want there to be space to breathe. I want there to be peace in the air. I want there to be quiet and calm. I want it to be sacred. I need it to be light.

Our spaces affect our energy, our mindset, our lives.

If you want to have a peaceful life, but have a space filled with clutter, chaos, and absolute mayhem.. how can you expect to acquire peace?

If you want to be light, but have things in your space weighing you down – there’s a disconnect!

Where we spend our time is important.

Make sure to spend it in a space that brings you joy.

Create spaces that feel light!