I used to hate my body.

I was obsessed with trying to shrink it.

I felt too tall, too wide, too fat, too big.

It wasn’t just my body that I wasn’t accepting. It was all of me.

I was obsessed with dimming myself, shrinking myself, and trying to fit in.

I wasn’t made to fit the “norm” or society’s standards and for me, that was a tough pill to swallow.

It wasn’t until this past year that I have been finally able to come to terms with myself- who I am, what I look like, the energy and light I carry.

It was when I started to step into acceptance of what is that things began to shift.

It started with my emotions.. Understanding how i was feeling and why.

Then it shifted towards my body- Accepting my physical appearance, my humanity.

That led me towards accepting and stepping into the light and energy that I am.

Which has helped me accept my purpose and stand strongly in why I am here.

Through all of this I’ve gained confidence in sharing my gifts with the world- the main mission of this divine incarnation.

I saw the shifts in myself and with every shift it became more and more clear how tied up everything is to each other.

When there is a part of you, any part, that you can’t accept, won’t allow, or constantly try to change- there will be an energetic imbalance which will show up EVERYWHERE in your life trying to grab your attention.

It becomes the little gremlin that keeps popping its head out when you least expect it trying to get your attention.

By finally acknowledging it, accepting it and integrating it- you find peace.

Is my body in the best shape ever? NO.

Can I still find things I’d prefer were different? Of course! I’m human.

Do I let it stop me from showing and expressing love for myself? HELL NO!

Do I let it prevent me from showing up fully as who I am? Definitely not!

I am what I am.

When I came to Earth (this time around)- I chose this body, these experiences, and everything in between.

It’s all perfect. It’s all divine.

It’s exactly as it should be FOR me.

I wish I could go back and tell my younger self that- the path would’ve been much smoother sailing if I’d known this then.

But it was all part of my journey, to get me here, sharing this message with you-

Give yourself a little extra love a little more often. You sure as hell deserve it! 💗