I don’t typically comment on public events that take place. I’ve often felt there is “no point”. But I’ve come to realize, that’s a false story I’ve told myself to keep myself small.

My viewpoints aren’t that of the “norm”. My perspective is unique, different, quantum and multidimensional. I don’t see things as black and white. I see things as they are – energy and vibrations. I don’t see things from a limited viewpoint.. I see world events from a vast perspective. I don’t look at the one, I see the whole.

I consciously choose not to focus on things that I cannot change. I consciously choose not to dwell on the things that are “wrong” because I know, it all serves its purpose. In the grand scheme of things, it has to be this way. In the grand scheme of things, sometimes events must take place that are less than desirable in order for true change to take place.

The fire at Notre Dame Cathedral was unfortunate. A piece of history was lost forever. However, in this currently reality timeline that we reside- this fire was necessary. (if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t have happened)

The Notre Dame Cathedral was a beautiful building. The architecture was gorgeous. It was grandiose. The fire shifted things in our timeline. What was once a fixture, is no longer there. It is sad to think about the loss of a building, but it was just that- a building.

Now, if all things happen for a reason and all things serve a purpose, the response to this tragic fire was unaligned. I am mostly referring to this one key phrase that was used quote a lot; people saying “oh, what a shame” – it is not a shame. Shame does not hold the vibration of the sentiment that is trying to be conveyed. What it is, is a loss. What a loss! A gorgeous building, a piece of history, an ancient landmark. A loss. But a shame?

The definition of shame is “a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior” – now that doesn’t seem fitting to me. Even if you want to go with the definition (which is not in majority) of “a regrettable or unfortunate situation or act” it’s still not quite right. Because if all things happen for a reason, and you are in awareness of that, you cannot also experience regret of the events that happened.

Now, we can go back and forth on the definitions of these words and how they logically make sense to be used in this application- but let’s take the mind out of the equation. When we’re talking about energy, vibrations and frequencies; these are not things that can be made sense of with the mind.

What kind of energy does the word shame bring? Close your eyes, say the word out loud, drop into your body, silence the mind and feel into it. SHAME.

Even if said with a smile, the energy brought up is that of disgrace, humiliation, dishonor, and contempt.

The world literally shames us, especially as women, into playing smaller than we actually are. The world teaches us that we must dim ourselves in order to fit in or be deemed acceptable. The world has taught us that we are not worthy as we are and we must make changes in order to be deemed of any worth.

We are in a period of time where women are taking back our power, standing tall and owning our truth. Women are rising all over the world. So, why, when describing a tragic event.. would we use the word shame? Why would we choose to use a word that has been used to keep us small for eons, in order to convey a loss. Why are we not conscious of the language and words we’re using and how they do in fact play into the reality we experience in a multitude of ways?

Again, this is not meant to dismiss anybody’s sadness or loss. This is not to tell you, you’re wrong and I’m right. This is meant to shed awareness of the vocabulary we use and how sometimes the energy behind the words we say can be totally out of whack with the message we are trying to convey.

This was a moment in history where things forever changed. This was a loss to ancient architecture. This fire did serve a purpose in uniting humans on common ground (why do we come together in sadness and lower vibrations, and what else was happening yesterday that the focus was only the fire? Those are topics to dive into another time). It is always sad to see a sacred site burning. But perhaps, this happened as a reminder..

A reminder that there are indigenous sacred sites all over being destroyed with no regard, no media attention, to mass outpouring of sadness or outrage.
A reminder that before the Notre Dame Cathedral, there was a Temple for Isis (the Egyptian Goddess) built in the same location and that, too, was once destroyed.
A reminder that a piece of history was lost, but it was a piece that represented patriarchy and oppression.

Instead of looking at this as something lost, why not look at it as a representation of something new to be built?
Instead of focusing on what once was, why not focus on what will be?
Instead of feeling shame and regret for this event, why not dive deeper into what it could possibly mean for our future?

All viewpoints are valid. Your feelings deserve to be felt.
I simply wish to offer you another perspective to view things from.
That is my purpose here; to show you the other side of the coin.