You all see a lot of where I’m at now. I’m always healing myself and holding space for others. I’m aligned with light, living happy and free. BUT what I don’t often share is where I’ve come from. Sooo… Let’s talk about where I was…

About two/three years ago –

I was working full time in a decent paying job. I was single, but never let myself feel alone. I was numbing myself with drugs, alcohol and food. What was I numbing myself from? The discomfort of the life that I had created. It didn’t feel good to live the way I was. I was working incredibly hard, for someone else’s dreams to come true, often times getting unrecognized for everything that I did. I was alone, but always looking for someone to occupy my mind with. Never wanting to focus on myself for too long. I was partying all of the time, to fit in, fill a void, and try to ignore the misery that I was feeling. Now- was my life really that bad? No. But it wasn’t fulfilling! I was left drained, unhappy, stressed, sad, uncomfortable, and anxious AF.

I knew I was meant for so much more than a mediocre life. I knew I was meant to live by my rules and I so resented having a boss tell me what to do. I knew I was capable of so much, but was so afraid of failing that I ignored my passions, gifts, and purpose.

Does that sound familiar to you?

Are you playing small out of fear of being a BIG DEAL? Are you working for somebody else’s dreams to come true because you’re afraid to pursue yours? Are you ignoring the ever present feeling of disappointment, emptiness, and a longing for more?

Girl, I feel you.

So how did I make the change? I FUCKING DECIDED. I realized the way I was living wasn’t working. I realized that I didn’t want to play small anymore. I realized that I was meant for so much more and I was no longer going to run from it.

I dove into myself head first. I dove into my energy- healing childhood wounds, trauma from events that I had caused, and released everything that wasn’t serving me. I dove into my mindset- rewiring my brain, releasing limiting beliefs, and affirming that I was meant for this. I read books, took courses, joined programs, hired a coach, and worked with a healer. I did the damn thing.. and as it’s happening, you don’t realize all of the shifts. But when you look back- you see exactly HOW MUCH YOU’VE CHANGED.

I know for damn sure that it’s available for you. I know you can absolutely, without a doubt, live your dreams. I know because I’ve done it!!

Now, I hold space for people who feel the way I once did. I hold space for those who feel stuck. I hold space for those who have a deep desire to fulfill their dreams, but a huge fear that’s holding them back. I hold space for those who are ready to say EFF THIS to everything that’s no longer serving them. I hold space for those who are ready to MAKE A CHANGE.

There’s no reason to wait on your dreams.. live them now!