I want to do more
I want to heal hurt
I want to end suffering
I want to right the wrongs
I want to inspire change
I want to lead the charge

I want the world, and everyone in it, to feel love and loved

I want to help the planet
I want to better the people
I want to make connections

I want to go home, to the way it once was, when heaven existed on earth

I want to bring us back… who’s with me?

There is so much injustice in the world
There is so much that still needs to shift
There are so many things that are still misaligned

The world is filled with things that don’t feel good, don’t hold high vibrations, and aren’t to the benefit of all

There is a need for more people to rise up and speak out

We need more people to hold space for the light

We can not simply just wish change upon the world
We can not create change by focusing on the problems
We must shift ourselves and individuals
We must focus on being better people, individually
We must consciously choose our thoughts
We must choose love, time and time again

We change the reality of the world we live in when we change ourselves

I am here.. incarnate now..
to change the world

I am here.. incarnate now..
to show you.. the way

Are you with me?