You Are Limitless

There is something that we so often forget-

Our physical reality is only a tiny portion of our existence.

We are such vast, expansive, limitless beings.

Within our beings we literally hold the entire Universe.

We are the Universe experiencing itself.

When you start to feel small- meditate.

When you start to feel stuck- meditate.

When you start to feel unimportant- meditate.

In meditation we are able to connect to our limitless essence.

We can call in our energy, our expansiveness.

We can connect deeply to the infinite being that we are.

When we remember that which we truly are, we can release the burdens of worry, anxiety, and stress.

We remember that we are pure bright light and we are capable of creating all that you desire.

You. Are. Limitless.

Published by Channeled Inspirations

Lisa Dooley is a spiritual leader to business owners and spiritual mentor to women. Lisa is the founder of Channeled Inspirations; her mission is to help women realize their dreams by understanding how to work with their God given gifts to create success.

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