I talk a lot about elevation, raising our vibrations, and embodying light. Because I’ve done it, CONTINUE to, and will never stop working on it. Because of that commitment – I hold a much higher vibration and light quotient within me than I once did.


That doesn’t mean I’m 100% elevated in every single thing that I do. That doesn’t mean that I always make the “right” choices. And that certainly doesn’t mean that I am any better than anyone else!

We’re all navigating a human life. And sometimes, that means we’re gonna fuck up. Let’s all admit it, we’re never going to be perfect!

The Universe is always testing us, always giving us the opportunity to choose our elevation or fall back into old lower vibrational patterns and choices. And sometimes I choose to fall back! It happens! And I can guarantee it will happen to to you too!

But here’s the thing- when we do the work, I mean really commit to the work of elevating our vibrations 100%, when we do get knocked off track, it’ll be easier and easier to course correct. I can say this from EXPERIENCE.

What I bring to the souls + humans who work with me is understanding, accountability, and support! Having these things in my life has been a game changer- and I know it will be for you too.

If you feel like you’re struggling, constantly falling back into old habits + patterns, and can’t seem to find + stay in the light- let’s chat! I feel you, I’ve been there, and I made it through.. and I know you can + will too!

What has helped me SO MUCH is having a support system. I work with people who I can talk about these choices with, admit my fuck ups, and re-establish my commitment to my light.

I am here to be that support for you.

We’re never going to be perfect, we will make mistakes and fall off track, but I promise you- it gets easier!