I woke up this morning feeling TIRED and like I just did not want to move. I had a huge breakthrough last night and woke up this morning and sure enough, my moon came!

I woke up slow. Allowing myself cat naps before finally sitting up to start the day. But even then- I didn’t really feel the vibe to rush. So I sat. In silence for a bit. Then I listened to some Abraham Hicks to get my mind right.

And then! I decided enough was enough. I’d gently nudge myself out of bed. I grabbed some coffee and expressed gratitude for the day. And especially for the life that I’ve created that allows me the freedom to go slow when I need to.

I put on some handpan music, got up and danced a bit to move some energy. Just enough to feel the flow without exhausting myself even further. Then I sat and stretched my body- thanking it for allowing me movement, flow and ease.

As I sit here on my floor, surrounded by my plants and smiling at my pup, I am so beyond grateful for this life.

It’s not perfect- it probably won’t ever be. But it feels so damn good to be alive.

Today I honor myself and my needs. Grounding into the moment while rising up to better serve my purpose. And tonight I hold sacred space for others to activate their light.

You see- life is so short, it’s so precious and it truly is what you make it.

I share this as a reminder that-

You too can create a life that feels good to live!

You too can create a life that caters to you!

You too can create a life that makes you feel alive!

Seek freedom.

Seek joy.

Seek balance.

Seek flow.

If you’re ready to create a life that feels GOOD AF ~ start by seeking things that feel good af! 💛

And if you’re ready to take it a step further and exponentially shift your reality – learn more about the energetic evolution!