I used to constantly dim my light for the sake of others.

I always wanted to fit in and desired a sense of belonging. For someone who’s light can be overwhelming for those comfortable in the dark- I adapted the belief that I had to dull myself down in order to be accepted. And it worked. But I was unfulfilled. I was empty and living a life that wasn’t meant for me. It led me to depression and anxiety. Which led me to dulling my overwhelming feelings by partying way too much.

All of the things that didn’t work out for me eventually led me back to what would- my light!

What I understand now is that the people I was desperately trying to fit in with, weren’t my people. I’m thankful for all those years spent dimming my light- it taught me what didn’t work for me!

I went through those dark years, so I could now help you navigate and find your way out of yours!

I’ve lived life both ways- I’ve dimmed myself down for others in the past. And now I shine my light bright.

What I can tell you is, I understand the struggle. I have felt the fear and confusion of being lost on your path. I spent years trying to find my way back to the light that’s been within me the whole time.