Pleasure is one of the highest vibrations. It’s also one of the hardest for us to allow. Women are often taught that pleasure is to be avoided, pleasure is not for us, or pleasure is sinful. But I’m reminding you-

Pleasure is our birth right!

We spend our time tending to the needs of others, getting things do and making sure our house is in order. We forget about ourselves, our desires, and our pleasure. When we leave pleasure behind, we’re also leaving behind a part of ourselves.

Let us now integrate the pleasure that we very much deserve. Do things that FEEL GOOD. Allow yourself to experience it all. Pleasure raises our energetic vibration and brings us further into elevated dimensions. Pleasure calls in all that is already ours- bringing into our lives infinite abundance and joy.

Pleasure is our birth right.

How will you allow yourself to experience pleasure this weekend?! What lights you up?! Share with me in the comments!