I once dreamed of this life.

How crazy is that to say – I once dreamed of the life that I am now living!!

I once dreamed of the freedom to create my own schedule.

I once dreamed of being able to get up, meditate, and get to work from my bed without even putting pants on!

I once dreamed of working form a space where I felt absolute comfort and serenity.

It’s here! I’m living my freaking dreams.

Every day I get to connect with magical people, work from the comfort of my bed, with my best friend Henry almost always by my side. It’s beautiful.

And to think- I created this!!

Can we take a minute to really think about how just a few months ago, this was nothing but a fantasy to me. And now it’s here.

Thank you, Universe! I am so beyond grateful for what we have co-created together and I can’t wait for more to unfold.

You know this is available for you too, right?!?

If this is something that peaks your interest- learn more about The Energetic Evolution!