Let’s talk a little bit about MONEYYYY…

Making an investment can be scary. I totally get it! Especially when it’s something new for you. Taking a bet on yourself can be intimidating! Especially when you’re so used to running on and making decisions from fear and self doubt. You’re used to playing it safe, and placing a high level bet on yourself definitely does not fall into that category.

I remember the first time I invested in my coach 1:1. It was so beyond scary but so exciting! It was a new level, and I was ready to go deeper. I had no idea what to expect, but I knew I had to do it. I had no idea how I was going to pay her, but knew I would be able to make it happen.

I felt the call in my soul that I was ready to dive into myself on a level that I had never reached before. I felt the pull that this was the direction I was supposed to go.

I invested with her about three or four more times after that too. Each time was still scary, but the trust I had began to build within myself made it easier and easier.

I was seeing results.

I was watching my life change before my eyes.

I saw myself change, elevate and upgrade from when we first started.

Every single time I re-invested with my coach, it was at a higher investment level. And every single time we have worked together, I have seen new levels of myself come out to play.

I have such gratitude that I didn’t let fear stand in my way. I am so thankful that I declared I was ready to stop playing small and that I was ready for more. I am so grateful I invested in myself, because had I not, I wouldn’t be where I am right now… it would’ve taken me 10x longer to get here.

When I invested in myself I told the Universe I was ready to level up and I was ready NOW. I took the first step and everything else followed!

Are you ready to take the express lane towards success?

Are you ready to shift in a massive way?

Are you ready to bet on yourself?

Are you ready to stop playing small?

Are you ready to face fear and reclaim your power?

Are you ready to step into your light?

If you’re ready…

I invite you to….

Join me in….