My being.
Inner truth.
She resides within me.

Afraid of my own power.
Asleep to my own strength.
Walking through life with a wound.
Separation. Suffering. Hurt.

In the core.
There is a cut.
A hurt.
I cry.

I bleed.
I pour.

For I know.
For I see.
The unity that awaits.

There is a great light.
Loving Light of Life.
We shall be together again.

The wound is where I must go.
Sit in sorrow and pain.
Heal. Transmute. Integrate.

Become whole.

I have been many places.
Lived many lives.
For the purpose-

Published by Channeled Inspirations

Lisa Dooley is a spiritual leader to business owners and spiritual mentor to women. Lisa is the founder of Channeled Inspirations; her mission is to help women realize their dreams by understanding how to work with their God given gifts to create success.

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