I find that Source leads me in the most mundane ways. It usually begins with a feeling or a resistance to something I was planning to do.

This morning, I woke up and felt resistant to start my day. I did anyways- but I knew I was throwing my brain dump to-do list from last night to the side and going with the flow this morning. I made my bed, got a cup of coffee, burned some Palo Santo to clear the vibes, put on mantra music to set the tone and just sat in my bed, eyes open, observing.

At first I was inclined to get rid of things in my space- a huge purge. And then I was drawn to notice the journal I had on the bottom shelf of my book case – FROM 2016 – that I had put off going through. I recently went through a few of my old journals and for some reason, I had taken this one out and intended to go through it, but never got around to it.

This journal in front of me is from when I first started deep divining into spirituality. Before 2016, I dabbled but nothing major. 2016 is when things shifted from an interest to a lifestyle.

I was in an Automatic writing class, learning to connect to and channel energies through pen and paper. I was reading a book on the Akashic record and attending spiritual workshops all the time. I was beginning to connect to the Arcturians! And beginning to receive the seeds of how the Universe works. I was getting the beginnings of what would turn into the understanding of Universal Law and energetic principles.

I was receiving messages, patterns, and insight that I still work to incorporate to this day! So much so that I literally received a message last night, that I found VERBATIM in my journal from 2016.

At the time, I definitely did not understand the depth of the subjects I was beginning to be shown – but this is absolutely where so much started. You see – the Awakening process happens over and over and over again. It is not a one shot kind of thing. You awaken slowly.. beginning to see, hear and understand what you’re ready to. And each time you come to a new level of understanding, it builds on the previous.

Healing is a process as well! The term healing has began to not feel right to me, because at our core we are already healed. We are whole. The process is about shedding the layers, the un-truths, and limits we’ve placed on ourselves consciously and otherwise.

There were some things I was just beginning to understand and see the correlation between that I have now mastered. There were certain topics that I was just scratching the surface of that I now understand the in’s and out’s of like the back of my hand.

The point here is that it’s a process. Constantly evolving. You will come to understand things time and time again at new levels, new perspectives, and new understanding.